Our Values


Our pearls are selected by our specialists in Tahiti itself and have been for over 30 years. Since its creation, the company has focused on high-end pearls. Only 10% of the pearls presented to us are selected. In this way, we ensure that each pearl, color and lustre corresponds to a unique creation.


New Caledonia is the second place after Papeete where you can find the most Tahitian pearls. As a result, we attach particular importance to imagining and creating particularly original designs.  Alongside our classics, we exhibit pieces that our designers have constantly reinvented over the years.


We place great emphasis on the quality of our service. The pearl is not only a material good but above all an experience. It has a history, a path and a life, which we want to pass on to you. Our teams are trained and adapted to accompany any of your requests.

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