The jeweler of pearls, The pearl of jewelers!

For over 30 years

For 30 years, the Maison de la Perle has been designing, creating, manufacturing, and marketing jewelry made with Tahitian pearls. A symbol of luxury in New Caledonia, our clients demand perfection and originality from us.


Our values


Maintaining a high standard of quality is our primary commitment.

Each of our artisans masters their craft with exceptional precision, ensuring that every piece you wear embodies perfection, just like our high-quality pearls.


Passionate about Tahitian pearls, sharing our knowledge is our commitment to you, ensuring that each piece of jewelry carries a unique story.

Enjoy a journey into the world of pearls with our sales teams, both in-store and in our workshops.


We dedicate exceptional attention to the excellence and elegance of our creations. This is why we use only the finest materials, such as 18-carat gold and rhodium-plated silver.

Each of our pearls is meticulously selected for its quality and color. We collaborate exclusively with a limited number of renowned pearl farmers within our industry.

Best sellers

Faits Importants

Did you know?

New Caledonia is the best place to buy Tahitian pearls. In fact, they are 30 to 50% cheaper than in Tahiti, thanks to a specially arranged tax system for the territory.

New Caledonia has historically always been involved in the development of the Tahitian pearl. As a symbol of the Pacific, the people of New Caledonia have made it their own. It is the place where you can find the most pearls after Papeete.

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