The Tahitian pearl is composed of organic matter, limestone crystals and water. This makes it very sensitive to contact with detergents and chemicals, as well as to certain practices. Although it is easy to maintain, a few reflexes are nevertheless recommended.


Put your pearl in contact with chemicals, such as; detergent, perfume, soap, moisturizer, etc...

Leave it locked in its case. The pearl needs the humidity of the air to not dry out.

Leave it in water.

Physical activities that may expose it to excess skin acidity or shocks. The pearl tends to absorb the acidity of the skin, which can cause a kind of erosion on the pearl. 

Sleeping, showering or playing sports with it.



Wipe your pearl after each use, to prevent deposits from your skin, sweat and other things from attacking the pearl.

Store it in a damp place such as your bathroom. This will keep your pearl moisturised.

The more you wear it, the more you keep it in contact with the air and the moisture of your skin (don't forget to wipe it regularly in this case).

Our secret

Over time, if you feel that your pearl is losing its shine, wipe it gently with a soft piece of cloth and a small drop of olive oil.

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